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Join Our Community

Are you looking for a family of believers? We would love for you to join us!


Every Saturday 11am (Online due to COVID-19)

The church’s main worship program usually runs from 11am to 12:15. Singing, prayer and a sermon are almost guaranteed but depending on the week, you might be treated to special music, drama, a children’s story or other creative expression. Church really is for everyone and we’d love you to join us!


Every Saturday 9:30am (Online due to COVID-19)

Each Sabbath, Seventh-day Adventists meet to fellowship and explore the Bible together. Sabbath School provides a safe environment to ask questions, share faith experiences and get to know Jesus better through a shared, interactive study of the Bible in a small-group setting. The program also often includes music, prayer and inspirational community outreach stories.


Every Wednesday at 6:30PM (Online due to COVID-19)

You can join us every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at Hamilton Church at 105 Lindsay St for an hour of prayer.
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